“When Mulvaney took over, the fledgling C.F.P.B. was perhaps Washington’s most feared financial regulator: It announced dozens of cases annually against abusive debt collectors, sloppy credit agencies and predatory lenders, and it was poised to force sweeping changes on the $30 billion payday-loan industry, one of the few corners of the financial world that operates free of federal regulation. What he left behind is an agency whose very mission is now a matter of bitter dispute. ‘The bureau was constructed really deliberately to protect ordinary people,’ says Lisa Donner, the head of Americans for Financial Reform. ‘He’s taken it apart — dismantled it, piece by piece, brick by brick.'” NYT Mag on Mick Mulvaney’s Master Class in Destroying a Bureaucracy From Within. (Or how predatory lenders were enabled to become even more predatory by the very instititution created to protect people from them…)