“What about those who have come here for reasons of need?” That was the Facebook question Militia leader Ammon Bundy asked about one of the migrant caravans heading towards America’s southern border. His followers were so unpleased with this hint of empathy that they basically drove him from Facebook. So who’s the outlier: Bundy, who suggested people consider walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, or his followers, who preferred to keep wearing their own steel-toed boots? NPR Hanna Rosin on how our mantra has changed from walk a mile, to never give an inch. The End Of Empathy. “It’s strange to think of empathy – a natural human impulse — as fluctuating in this way, moving up and down like consumer confidence. But that’s what happened. Young people just started questioning what my elementary school teachers had taught me.” (I distinctly remember my elementary school teachers having a lot of empathy for my parents.)

+ Does Empathy Have A Dark Side?