Be our guest, Be our guest, Put our service to the test. Disney is singing that tune about its upcoming streaming service. Walt and Co want you to have a permanent seat in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And that seat is your couch. After acknowledging the market was too big for them to Let it Go, Disney has announced the details of its much anticipated streaming service. Whether the new offering will result in an Emperor’s New Groove or leave the massive content provider Frozen out of the market remains to be seen. That’s what’s at stake When You Wish Upon A Star. Bottom line: The new service is cheap (seven bucks a month) and includes a ton of content. Here’s a preview of something that’s sure to be Part of Your World.

+ The market’s initial reaction was to send Disney stock up to record highs and to drive Netflix down to the tune of $8 billion. A startup takes over and it seems like A Whole New World, but then a massive company decides to Wish Upon a Star, and the market goes full Hakuna Matata! (Like most stock analysis, that phrase really doesn’t mean anything…)

+ I agree with John Gruber’s take that both services will thrive: “I don’t think it’s either/or — I’ll certainly cough up $70/year in addition to whatever it is I’m paying for Netflix, and I’m sure tens of millions of others will too.” But the addition of yet another service with distinct programming is a reminder that the future of television will be a little messy. My parents called for help using the VCR. I’ll be calling my kids for help finding a show. I suppose that’s why they say, It’s the Circle of Life. (I know, that was a lot of song references. You’re Welcome.)