“Within three states, roughly 350,000 hectares of coastal forest needs to be restored—an area nearly as large as Rhode Island. With about 5,000 trees able to grow in a hectare, that works out to more than a billion trees.” Luckily, help is on the way. FastCo: These tree-planting drones are firing seed missiles to restore the world’s forests. (This is the first feel good Friday that felt so good it resulted in seed missiles being fired!)

+ Brain zaps boost memory in people over 60. (220, 221. Whatever it takes…)

+ Toddler miraculously survives 6-story fall landing on car.

+ Miracle baby girl was born on top of a mango tree during Cyclone Idai.

+ A 7-Eleven owner caught a teen thief. Instead of calling 911, he asked him why.

+ 20-year-old raising 5 siblings gifted new car from strangers.

+ This couple found a year-old lottery ticket worth $750K in a book – two days before the deadline. (This is why I never allow books in the house…)

+ A Photo Visit to Mount Fanjing. Amazing.

+ And this breaking news from Reuters: Marijuana may improve women’s enjoyment of sex.