The Inmates are Running the Asylum

“The ruling — a preliminary injunction at least temporarily stopping the program — paralyzes one of the Trump administration’s last remaining tools to stem the flow of Central American families trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, an influx that has hit decade-long highs and has infuriated the president.” WaPo: Federal judge blocks Trump administration program forcing asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while awaiting court hearings.

+ “Her tenure is the plainest example yet of the futility of trying to restrain Trump from inside—and the personal cost to those who try.” The Atlantic: Kirstjen Nielsen Shows Why It’s Impossible to Restrain Trump. (Or how Trump can make a person’s terrible record even worse.)

+ “The directive set off a frantic behind-the scenes push to get Trump to change his mind, and he ultimately relented. But the episode launched a turbulent 12-day stretch that would lead to the eventual resignation of Nielsen , the potential dismissal of much of her agency’s top leadership and the beginning of a new phase in which immigration hard-liners at the White House are determined to wield considerably more influence over Homeland Security.” AP: Inside 12 days of turmoil that shook Homeland Security.

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