“The double doors of the surgical intensive care unit opened into a hallway crowded with dozens of hospital employees. A hospital bed emerged, and we all fell silent.” Hospitals across the United States are holding honor walks to show respect to patients at the end of life who are donating organs to others.

+ Netherlands makes trains free on national book day for those who show a book instead of ticket. (And they were already going Dutch!)

+ India Will Ban All Single-Use Plastics by 2022 and some supermarkets in Thailand and Vietnam are using banana leaves instead of plastic.

+ A 13-year-old boy sells Xbox, does yard work to buy his single mom a car.

+ Dad who overcame paralysis surprises daughter with 1st dance on her wedding day.

+ An infant did not have any hospital visitors for five months. So this nurse adopted her.

+ An Indiana school district turns unused cafeteria food into take-home meals for kids

+ “The store will operate like a real grocery store so that people can go shopping through the aisles and Belmont students and other volunteers will scan their items, but no money will change hands.” Brad Paisley breaks ground on free grocery shop in Nashville.

+ Coming soon: A swallowable vibrating pill that relieves constipation. (Occasionally, a story qualifies as both Feel Good Friday and the Bottom of the News.)