“If you ask anyone in Okinawa why they live so long, you will doubtlessly hear two words: ikigai and moai. Ikigai, loosely translated, means sense of purpose in life … Moai is an informal social group of people who have common interests and look out for each other.” Why would you be asking questions of Okinawans in the first place? Because they have a really long life expectancy and a high concentration of centenarians; and among those, about 2/3rds are still functioning independently. You’ve probably guessed that there’s something more at work there than ikigai and moai. So let’s learn one more Okinawan saying: Hara hachi bu. “Translation: Stop eating when you are 80% full.” (That’s usually the point at which I move on from the appetizers.) Sanjay Gupta in CNN: The Land of Immortals: How and what Japan’s oldest population eats.