Indy Hits

“It’s the fate that meets the man who made the choices he made. You don’t testify against the mob in federal court and live to tell about it. Especially when your father’s the defendant. ‘I know the statement my dad made. He said he’d kill me.'” Zak Keefer in the Indy Star: The Mobster in Our Midst. “John Franzese Jr. helped send his father, notorious Colombo family mobster Sonny Franzese, to prison. Then he turned up in Indianapolis.”

+ The NYT’s Michael Schwirtz on the normalization of Russia’s targeted executions. Russia Ordered a Killing That Made No Sense. Then the Assassin Started Talking. “For the intelligence services, as bad as this sounds, murdering people is just part of the work flow … They go to work, it’s their job. You have a work flow, you write articles. They have a workflow, they murder people.”

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