“Trump and Office of Management and Budget director (and acting White House chief of staff) Mick Mulvaney believe the fact that migrants are continuing to come to the US without papers is evidence on its face that aid isn’t working and should be cut off. Other officials and experts, however — including fellow members of the Trump administration — have emphasized that economic development and improving security are the only ways to address the ‘root causes’ of migration.” Vox on Trump’s decision to cut off aid to 3 Central American countries. (This is exactly the way to slow down the rush of asylum seekers who are fleeing these countries. In opposite world.)

+ Meanwhile, “the White House doubled down Sunday on President Trump’s threat to close the U.S. border with Mexico, despite warnings that the move would inflict immediate economic damage on American consumers and businesses while doing little to stem a tide of migrants clamoring to enter the United States.” WaPo: Trump White House presses threat to close U.S.-Mexico border this week.

+ Bloomberg: The Coffin Business Is Booming in Central America Due to Gang Violence. “Manufacturing the ‘wooden pajamas,’ as some locals call them, has become such big business in Jucuapa that families have abandoned their bakeries, butcher shops, and sugar cane fields to enter the funeral industry.”