Getting the Coal Shoulder

“The vanishing of coal plants from the American landscape began years ago, but it has persisted under President Trump, who came into office promising to revitalize the coal industry. He has rolled back environmental regulations meant to curb pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, installed a former coal lobbyist as head of the Environmental Protection Agency and tweeted in favor of keeping certain units operating. And yet, utilities have continued to shut down plants … More coal plant capacity disappeared during Trump’s first two years in office than during President Barack Obama’s entire first term.” Those closing coal plants are good from the environment. But they’re rough on the towns that were built around them. WaPo: In small towns across the nation, the death of a coal plant leaves an unmistakable void. (As I’ve said before, the people who risked life and limb to power America for the past several decades should be included in the renewable revolution that will help power the next several.)

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