“What happens when you put a classroom on wheels and park it in the poorest neighborhoods of San Francisco?” Hint: Good things.

+ Thanks to a great idea from Dave Eggers and Nick Hornby, you’ll soon be able to bid for written setlists from some top bands. The dough will go to excellent youth programs, including 826 Valencia. Billboard: Second Lives For Setlists.

+ WaPo: For decades, Garfield telephones kept washing ashore in France. Now the mystery has been solved.

+ Beyonce and Jay-Z Preach LGBTQ Acceptance in GLAAD Awards Speech.

+ LA Mag: The DMV Reviewed Thousands of Hilarious Vanity Plate Applications Last Year. These Are Our Favorites.

+ Sanitation Workers Help Man Find His Lost Wallet In City’s Trash.

+ He was going to miss his daughter in the Sweet 16. Then his colleagues surprised him.

+ Band of wounded warriors healing through music.