“Your actions both past and present are incompatible with your duty as chairman. We have no faith in your ability to discharge duties.” Following the no collusion Mueller report summary, House intelligence Republicans are calling on Chairman Adam Schiff to resign. Schiff didn’t do that, but he did respond, listing several things we know the Trump campaign did. “You might think it’s ok … I don’t.” (Let the healing begin!)

+ Meanwhile, there is increasing pressure to release the full Mueller report, which runs a cool 300 pages (ensuring that few Americans will actually read it). So far, we’ve only seen a 4 page synopsis from AG Barr (at least he didn’t double space).

+ “Trump’s financial statement for 2011 said he had 55 home lots to sell at his golf course in Southern California … But Trump had only 31 lots zoned and ready for sale at the course. He also claimed his Virginia vineyard had 2,000 acres, when it really has about 1,200. He said Trump Tower has 68 stories. It has 58.” WaPo: How Donald Trump inflated his net worth to lenders and investors.

+ Bloomberg: Trump Fed Pick Stephen Moore Owes $75,000.