“We’ve been tracking brackets for years and, before this tournament, the longest streak we’d ever seen was 39 games in a row. That was an incredible feat. This shattered it. Monday, we tracked down the owner of the record-breaking ‘center road’ bracket. His name is Gregg Nigl, and he’s a 40-year-old neuropsychologist who lives in Columbus, Ohio. When we called Nigl, he had no idea that his bracket was perfect.” (Of course he didn’t.) We found the man who has the last perfect bracket in the world.

+ “Britain is an old-fashioned weird place and the most ridiculous thing it has, is its laws.” Vice: I Broke Dumb Laws in Front of Police to See If They’d Arrest Me. (This dude should be in charge of Brexit.)

+ Nine nurses in the same labor unit are all due at the same time. If they’re all out on maternity leave at once, the hospital could have a major labor issue. (Hopefully the babies each experience a less labored delivery than that joke…)