“Plaquemines has the distinction—a dubious one, at best—of being among the fastest-disappearing places on Earth. Everyone who lives in the parish—and fewer and fewer people do—can point to some stretch of water that used to have a house or a hunting camp on it. This is true even of teen-agers. A few years ago, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officially retired thirty-one Plaquemines place-names, including Bay Jacquin and Dry Cypress Bayou, because there was no there there anymore.” The New Yorker’s Elizabeth Kolbert on Louisiana’s Disappearing Coast. “The state loses a football field’s worth of land every hour and a half.”

+ “By 2025, this once-grimy industrial city aims to be net carbon neutral, meaning it plans to generate more renewable energy than the dirty energy it consumes.” NYT: Copenhagen Wants to Show How Cities Can Fight Climate Change. (Leadership from internernational cities is great. But we need leadership from the top.)