Within a week of what they called their darkest day ever, New Zealanders let some light through with the quick banning of automatic weapons. I covered it yesterday: Kiwi the People.

+ “Last Friday I stood in this mosque and saw hatred and rage in the eyes of the terrorist, who killed and martyred 50 people, wounded 42 and broke the hearts of millions around the world. Today, from the same place, I look out and see the love and compassion in the eyes of thousands of fellow New Zealanders and fellow human beings from across the globe.” New Zealand Is Unbreakable.

+ We focus a lot on technology’s bad side. But it has a good side. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the work being done at Crisis Text Line. They help so many teens in need and the data they collect could help matters even more. Check out this amazing list: 100 Things We Learned From Our First 100M Messages.

+ NYT: FDA Approves First Drug for Postpartum Depression.

+ Man with Down Syndrome honored for working at same McDonald’s for 27 years.

+ “A man who has been living on the streets for nine years has a home and a job after a teenager spotted his note posted next to a bus stop.”

+ Adidas Sold 1 Million Eco-Friendly Shoes Made from Ocean Plastic, Plans 11 Million More

+ “Anne Brokenbrow said she had never done anything wrong in her life but wanted to find out what it was like.” 104 year-old gets arrested (but just for the fun of it).