We didn’t start the fire. But we know who did. Climate change has contributed to extreme nature of several deadly fires in California. But it didn’t spark them. A special report from the NYT: How PG&E Ignored California Fire Risks in Favor of Profits. “In court depositions, employees said supervisors routinely ignored their concerns about the company’s use of faulty analysis and outdated equipment. The state’s Public Utilities Commission, which regulates PG&E, concluded that the company was more concerned with profit than with safety.” (Can the public good be left in the hands of massive private corporations that have to meet quarterly numbers?)

+ Buzzfeed: California wildfire survivors say they’re living in dire conditions and there’s little help. (For some, it’s a struggle just to prove they owned their residence. “All of their documents were destroyed in the fire, and property inspectors have barely made a dent in assessing the thousands of homes devoured by the flames.”)