“Federal Aviation Administration managers pushed its engineers to delegate wide responsibility for assessing the safety of the 737 MAX to Boeing itself. But safety engineers familiar with the documents shared details that show the analysis included crucial flaws.” Seattle Times: Flawed analysis, failed oversight. “When time was too short for FAA technical staff to complete a review, sometimes managers either signed off on the documents themselves or delegated their review back to Boeing.” (We don’t need black box data to know there’s something wrong when safety reviews are left in the hands of the company who manufactured the products.)

+ Bloomberg: Boeing Had Too Much Sway in Vetting Own Jets, FAA Was Told.

+ What’s scarier than a company being tasked with reviewing the safety of its own planes? Trump was the face of the 737 probe.
WaPo: “It was extraordinary for a president to intervene in matters typically left to the FAA or the Department of Transportation.”