Off Campus

While we’re obsessing over the college admissions scandal, NPR asks: Does It Matter Where You Go To College? “All else being equal, highly selective colleges do seem to confer an income premium over nonselective colleges. But an individual’s choice of major, such as engineering, is a far more powerful factor in her eventual earnings than her choice of college. If you have more specific dreams, the Ivy League holds a near monopoly over the Supreme Court.” (Of course, getting on the Supreme Court requires Senate confirmation, and if you thought the college application process was corrupt…)

+ If America was looking for a unifying issue, it found one with the near-universal contempt for those involved in the college admissions scandal: It’s basically the entire country on one side and David Mamet on the other.

+ In a sea of related headlines, this one floats to the top: Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Olivia Leaves Yacht Owned By Top USC Official. (I never wanted my parents to help me get into college. But I would’ve loved a little friggin support becoming a social media influencer.)

+ Franlin Foer: We’re Losing the War on Corruption.

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