“It took a massive increase in power from solar and wind farms. They now cover millions of acres in the U.S., 10 times more land than they did in 2020. Huge electrical transmission lines share electricity between North and South America. Europe is connected to vast solar installations in the Sahara desert, which means that sub-Saharan Africa also has access to cheap power.” NPR talked to some experts about what the world will look like in 2050 if we bring global warming to a halt. It’s 2050 And This Is How We Stopped Climate Change. (Alternate take: It’s 2050 and Trump is in the middle of his 9th term in office…)

+ NYT: Tiny Costa Rica Has a Green New Deal, Too. It Matters for the Whole Planet.

+ Quartz: Students in 40 countries will go on strike this Friday to demand climate change action.