A recent article in MIT Tech Review explained the hipster effect wherein “nonconformists usually act unconventionally in the same way — to end up being exactly the same.” But the guy in the article’s accompanying stock photo disagreed, got pissed, sent an angry letter, and demanded a retraction: “You used a heavily edited Getty image of me for your recent bit of click-bait about why hipsters all look the same. It’s a poorly written and insulting article and somewhat ironically about five years too late to be as desperately relevant as it is attempting to be by using a tired cultural trope to try to spruce up an otherwise disturbing study.” But here’s the thing. The photo isn’t actually of the guy who sent the letter. It just looks like him!

+ “Nothing can actually prepare you for the event when you end up inside the whale.”

+ Couple has eaten at the same Wichita restaurant six nights a week for 15 years.