In The Atlantic, Olga Khazan meditates on why so many Americans are turning to Buddhism. “Though precise numbers on its popularity are hard to come by, Buddhism does seem to be emerging in the Western, type-A universe. The journalist Robert Wright’s Why Buddhism Is True became a best seller in 2017. Buddhist meditation centers have recently popped up in places such as Knoxville, Tennessee, and Lakewood, Ohio. There are now dozens of Buddhist podcasts, among many more apps and playlists geared specifically toward personal, non-Buddhist meditation. Four in 10 American adults now say they meditate at least weekly.” I don’t think it’s a coincidence that America’s interest in meditation has arrived during the age of the internet, when we’re surrounded by connected devices and endlessly pinged and pestered by useless notifications. (Life really is suffering.) One of the key ironies of our era is that there are apps for meditating. If those don’t work for you, do as the Buddha did. Just hit the off button.