“Are you turned on when you look in the mirror, and enjoy nothing more than a steamy night at home alone? You could be an autosexual.” (On the other hand, you might just be a misanthrope.) The Guardian: Age of the autosexual: the people sexually attracted to themselves.

+ Finalists From Smithsonian Magazine’s 2018 Photo Contest.

+ The latest meme involves throwing a slice of cheese at your baby’s head to see if it will stick. (We’ll see who gets the last laugh if your baby turns out to be lactose intolerant.)

+ “Ozzy Osbourne was among the audience members who assumed the band was real. When he learned the truth, he admitted that he should have known better. ‘They seemed quite tame compared to what we got up to.'” 15 Facts About This Is Spinal Tap On Its 35th Anniversary.