Fire Sale

“Each piece of unsold inventory requires raw materials and human labor to make, plus transportation to ship it around the world, which produces emissions. Every piece that ends up being burned produces greenhouse gases, too. Incinerating clothes releases 2,988 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt hour, which is even more than burning coal.” FastCo: We have to fix fashion if we want to survive the climate crisis. “In 2015, the fashion industry churned out 100 billion articles of clothing, doubling production from 2000, far outpacing global population growth.” (You can’t blame me on this one. I wear the same thing pretty much every day, and while both my wife and daughter have tried several times, no one has ever set my favorite windbreaker on fire.)

+ “The conscientious citizens of Philadelphia continue to put their pizza boxes, plastic bottles, yogurt containers and other items into recycling bins. But in the past three months, half of these recyclables have been loaded on to trucks, taken to a hulking incineration facility and burned.” The Guardian: US cities burn recyclables after China bans imports.

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