The Land of Bilk and Money

“This was exactly what we would have expected from him, coming out swinging and blaming the left for having been incapable of beating him at the ballot box and instead trying to use underhanded methods to bring him down … But because of the mounting evidence, and because the people who are behind this indictment, the Attorney General and the chief of police, are clearly not stooges of the left but people handpicked by Netanyahu for their jobs, I don’t see it working this time. But it’s his only possible strategy if he wants to remain in power.” The New Yorker: An Israeli Journalist Explains the Coming Indictment of Benjamin Netanyahu.

+ AP: “But when the dust settles after the April 9 vote, the person most likely to emerge as prime minister remains Netanyahu.”

+ And Justin Case: Explained: the case that could bring down Canada’s Justin Trudeau.

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