Peace, Love, and Kim Jong Un-derstanding

The Beatles proclaimed that, All You Need Is Love. Turns out that they were wrong, at least when it comes to international denuclearization deals. “There was a palpable sense that history was about to be made. Instead, the second meeting between [Trump and Kim] ended in failure on Thursday, with a table set for a leaders’ lunch abandoned, a signing ceremony scrapped, and a terse statement from the White House press secretary: ‘No agreement was reached at this time.'” The much-anticipated, and much-hyped, summit sequel in Hanoi ended early and without any progress, despite Trump’s continued praise for Kim and their friendship. During a post-summit press conference, Trump said that the two parties hit an impasse over sanctions and explained, “Sometimes you have to walk.” (That’s probably the closest he’s come to promoting exercise during his presidency.)

+ Fred Kaplan with a pretty good overview of what went wrong: “Kim thought Trump was so desperate for a deal—for a place in history and a distraction from his domestic troubles—that he would agree to anything. It is to Trump’s credit that he walked out upon realizing that Kim’s insistence on such an extreme, one-sided deal was immovable. But it is Trump’s fault for letting this near-inevitable disaster go forward in the first place.” Love Can’t Buy a Nuclear Deal.

+ In one of the more shocking moments from the press conference, Trump defended Kim when it came to Otto Warmbier’s death. “He tells me he didn’t know about it, and I will take him at his word.” (Love means never having to say you’re sorry.)

+ Kim’s hiding sister and other unreal moments from the summit, and photos from Hanoi.

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