Are you about to post a revealing selfie on Instagram? Wait. You might want to drop a few pounds, properly moisturize, and get a good night’s sleep to make sure you look your best. Also, don’t pose with a cigarette in your mouth or a drink in your hand. And as much as we enjoy the action shots, I’d suggest keeping those rock climbing and skydiving photos safely tucked away on your hard drive. It turns out, your followers aren’t the only ones following along. So are life insurance companies. Nathan Heller in The New Yorker: “The image of an insurance-office stooge glancing back and forth between one’s health records and an Instagram shot of a cigarette snuck at a Christmas party is enough to make even a reasonable person live-blog a juice cleanse. But the larger affront is the idea of digital life carrying any actuarial influence at all. Consider an influencer type, jogging with her well-groomed dog and wearing a piece of branded athleisure cropped up to show her yoga abs: Should her life, to an insurance giant, be worth more than yours?” (I’d have to know a little more about the abs to answer that question, but I’m leaning towards a yes…)