The Academy Awards opened with a gay icon being honored, and featured international movies, black superheroes, a record number of female awards, a celebration of immigrants, and commercials in Spanish. It’s too late for Trump’s wall. America is already awesome. And the hostless Oscars telecast was pretty decent too. Here’s a rundown of all the winners, and Buzzfeed’s guide to everything you missed.

+ The show’s highlight was the duet that pretty much everyone watching would’ve liked to make a threesome. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga dug deep for Shallow. Lady Gaga performing while sitting behind a piano is as excellent as entertainment gets. She’s an otherworldly talent.

+ Of course, there were some snubs and surprises. The biggest one was the selection of Green Book as Best Picture, which upset a lot of people. Those people have been given voice by the LA Times’ Justin Chang. “Peter Farrelly’s interracial buddy dramedy is insultingly glib and hucksterish, a self-satisfied crock masquerading as an olive branch. It reduces the long, barbaric and ongoing history of American racism to a problem, a formula, a dramatic equation that can be balanced and solved. Green Book is an embarrassment; the film industry’s unquestioning embrace of it is another.”

+ I haven’t seen Green Book (although, this is the internet, so that certainly doesn’t preclude me from having an opinion), but I have queued up Smithsonian Channel’s documentary highlighting the real Green Book. Speaking of documentaries, this year’s lineup was excellent. Free Solo took home the top prize, even though Alex Honnold (the guy who actually free-climbed El Capitan) didn’t get a trophy or a turn to speak.

+ The night’s biggest surprise was Olivia Colman’s win over Glenn Close for best actress. Whoever gave Colman the wrap-up signal should be the next target of Bob Mueller’s investigation. If her speech went on for five hours, it would have been fine.

+ Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse won best animated feature. (It was my favorite Superhero movie so far, including Black Panther.) Here’s a short video on what what makes the animation of Spider-verse so spectacular. “It took animators one week to make one second of footage.”

+ Alfonso Cuaron took home Best Director for Roma. That means five of the last six directing Oscars have gone to a Mexican filmmaker. (Seriously, forget the wall, build a giant movie screen on the border.)

+ Finally, here’s a look at the evening in photos and all the looks from the red carpet.