While my daughter and I were on a musical-watching, shopping spree, ice cream-eating roadtrip, our better halves were on a mother-son trip to build a school in Senegal. It’s a great program run by an organization called buildOn. They spent a week off from school making bricks and building walls (the good kind). Make it a really feel good Friday and show them some support!

+ “How could someone born without arms or legs, who’s never held a football, teach high school players how to throw, tackle or block? Rob Mendez is doing it as head coach of a California JV team.” ESPN: Who Says I Can’t.

+ “A species of giant tortoise believed to have been extinct for more than 100 years has been discovered on the Galapagos island of Fernandina.” (It took them more than a hundred years to catch up to a tortoise?)

+ How New Orleans Reduced Its Homeless Population By 90 Percent.

+ Four-day week trial finds lower stress and increased productivity. (Let’s try the three day week next…)

+ Don Nelson on life after the NBA (this a master class on retirement planning).