What to Watch: In the 1970s, Norman Lear launched some of the most important, groundbreaking shows on television. So who is this generation’s Norman Lear? It’s still Norman Lear. At the age of 96, the greatest sitcom creator is still at it. And his latest show is still breaking ground. Season three of the remake of One Day at a Time is out on Netflix.

+ What to Doc: Netflix also has the latest offering in the ReMastered series; a look at the life, activism, and death of Sam Cooke. Excellent stuff. And what a voice. The Two Killings of Sam Cook.

+ What to Hear: Nothing in entertainment is more powerful than a solo singer-songwriter doing their thing. And right now, no singer-songwriter is doing their thing better than Brandi Carlile. Here she is singing The Joke on Ellen earlier this week. (Wear a jacket, you’re gonna get the chills…)