Amazon chose Valentine’s Day to send NYC a Dear John letter, letting the city know that the plan to build HQ2 in Long Island City, Queens was off. Amazon announced the split, but New York insisted it was just about to break up with Amazon anyway. While it looked like love at first site, those close to the pair could tell the relationship was doomed from the moment it was kindled. “The agreement to lure Amazon stirred an intense debate about the use of government incentives to entice wealthy companies, the rising cost of living in rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods, and the city’s very identity.” (Often, a relationship ends when one party announces that they need some space. This one started that way.) The couples were in counseling as recently as Wednesday, when “the governor had brokered a meeting between Amazon executives and the union leaders who had been resistant to the deal, according to two people briefed on the sit-down. The meeting ended without any compromise on the part of Amazon.” (After all these years, you had to know Amazon would never change…) Following this short, tumultuous relationship, Amazon has no plans to find a new location for a second headquarters, deciding its better off just being on its own for a while. Meanwhile, Queens residents plan to pour a glass of wine, run a warm bath, and settle in with a good book (from Barnes and Noble).