“It’s an endless party, especially on the yachts that are 200 feet and up, the so-called ‘superyachts.’ Conditions are cramped, everyone’s out of their mind on some substance, and the bathrooms are being used for who knows what. There’s a kitchen and a big dining area, but good luck getting food out of there when you really want it. You’re not on here to eat a sit-down meal, even though they usually have nice dining rooms. The bars on each level are the focal points of these things.” Mel: The Lonely Life Of A Yacht Influencer.

+ That thing where you get into a fight with a mountain lion, and win.

+ NYT: “A retired actor found what he thought was an ideal place to live in Greenwich Village in 1955, for $90 a month. He never left.” The Perfect Rent-Controlled Apartment.