Well, there goes another Super Bowl (or as Patriots’ fans call it, Homecoming Weekend). In the past, there have been calls to make the Monday after the big game a national holiday so Americans could recover from all the excitement. This Monday morning, we could hardly be more rested since most of us have been asleep since midway through the second quarter. In the end, the Patriots did what the Patriots do. They found a way to win with what was probably the greatest defensive performance in Super Bowl history and just enough crunchtime excellence from Tom Brady to earn him a sixth ring. (Not too bad for a XXXXI year-old.)

+ The Ringer: Six plays that explain how Bill Belichick outdueled Sean McVay.

+ The game had a total of 1 play in the red zone. WaPo: 10 numbers that show just how ugly that Super Bowl was. (Another number: I bored-ate 3,000 calories in third quarter alone.)

+ Maroon 5 “did not enter this gig with the burden of great expectations. But the band still might have delivered neat arena gimmicks, like a giant swiveling The Voice throne or something. Instead they did the minimum, which perhaps was one of the things that the M-shaped stage stood for.” The Atlantic: Maroon 5’s Halftime Show Felt Designed to Be Forgotten. (Editor’s note: What halftime show?) And from The New Yorker: The Artless Spectacle of Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl. (Adam Levine is covered with tattoos and took his shirt off outdoors in February. Somewhere there is a very unhappy Jewish mother.)

+ Here’s a look at some of the most notable commercials.

+ All the news is not bad. Last night’s game was the least watched Super Bowl in a decade.