Yesterday, I tweeted the following: “The shutdown is killing Trump at the polls and humiliating him everywhere from the media to the Senate floor. It will end within 24 hours. Watch.” With about two hours to spare, President Trump was in front of reporters in the White House Rose Garden to announce a deal to reopen the government, sans wall. It was inevitable, as the latest poll number indicated a cratering of support even within the Trump base. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of federal employees missed paychecks, struggled to make ends meet, and were put under great duress for what amounts to absolutely nothing — which is exactly the amount of wall funding Trump will get out of Nancy Pelosi. The big, beautiful wall began as a cheap, xenophobic, fear-mongering marketing stunt, and so it will remain.

+ In addition to all the other negative ramifications of this political stunt, Friday was the first day that the shutdown had a big impact on flight delays. But don’t believe the spin. Trump bent the knee because of the disastrous poll numbers. Here’s the latest on the reopening.