The shutdown continues. And somehow the debate has shifted from re-opening the government to whether or not Trump will actually give the State of the Union address in the usual place and at the usual time. Meanwhile, the protesters that packed the Senate’s Hart Office building didn’t seem all that concerned about that speech (after 32 days of this shutdown, we sort of all know what the state of union is anyway). Here’s the latest on the shutdown. As of right now, Trump says he’s planning to give a speech. Pelosi has informed him he’s not invited to give it in the House chamber. Even by today’s standards, this could get weird. (Maybe Trump should give the speech in the Covington High School Gymnasium…)

+ Meanwhile, “Michael Cohen announced he is postponing his public congressional testimony that was scheduled for February 7, citing ‘ongoing threats against his family from President Trump’ and his attorney.” (Related: Anyone want to buy a new TV, a popcorn maker, and a few hundred rows of bleacher style seating?)