“His ideas come from so far outside the mainstream of neurological research that you might think he’s crazy or deluded or worse. But then, some very credible people think he might be on to something big—which might make the improbable, quixotic story you are about to read one of the most important as well.” Fortune: Could This Radical New Approach to Alzheimer’s Lead to a Breakthrough? (Or could it at least guide us towards different approaches to finding cures?)

+ Defense One: How Electric Therapy Is Curing Navy SEALs of PTSD … And Could Remake Brain Science.

+ “Fox will always be best known for his Back to the Future films and his other acting roles — that’s only natural. But his most important legacy is the Fox Foundation, the model it created, and the hope it has given to people who have Parkinson’s disease.” Joe Nocera in Bloomberg: The Michael J. Fox Foundation Gets Results.