“The NFL no longer has general liability insurance covering head trauma, according to multiple sources; just one carrier is willing to provide workers’ compensation coverage for NFL teams. Before concussion litigation roiled the NFL beginning in 2011, at least a dozen carriers occupied the insurance market for pro football, according to industry experts.” And the situation could be even worse at lower levels. Here’s Pop Warner’s executive director John Butler: “People say football will never go away, but if we can’t get insurance, it will.” ESPN: For the NFL and all of football, a new threat: an evaporating insurance market.

+ The Ringer: The Fight Over the Future of Football Has Become a Battle for California’s Soul.

+ NYT: Grab and Go: How Sticky Gloves Have Changed Football. “The grippy polymer used on the new generation of gloves, said to be developed first by a Canadian wide receiver and a chemist in a Pakistan laboratory in 1999, is about 20 percent stickier than a human hand.”

+ Ted Rath “stands behind head coach Sean McVay and pulls him out of the way when he ventures too far onto the field or into the path of the official.” This Has Got To Be The Weirdest Job In Pro Football.