“Now you may describe yourself as polyamorous or demisexual — that last one is people who only feel sexual attraction in close emotional relationships. Perhaps you best identify as aromantic (that’s people who don’t feel romance) or skoliosexual (that’s a primary attraction to people of no, or multiple, or complex genders). Self-identification is not the same as identity, and some classes of description now may be closer to metaphor. But the idea that flesh-and-blood humans may actually forge fulfilling emotional, or even sexual, relationships with digital devices is no longer confined to dystopian science fiction movies.” A school administrator in Tokyo married a hologram. An engineer in China married a robot of his own design. The NYT’s Alex Williams on the coming age of digisexuals: Today we fall in love through our phones. Maybe your phone itself could be just as satisfying? Do You Take This Robot… (I’m not judging. When my wife rolls over in bed and is awakened by something hard, it’s almost always my Macbook Air.)