“Like many survivors of stroke, his speech became slurred and he sometimes stuttered. His personality also seemed to change. He suddenly became obsessed with reading and writing poetry. Soon, Hershfield’s friends noticed another unusual side effect: He couldn’t stop speaking in rhyme. He finished everyday sentences with rhyming couplets, like ‘Now I have to ride the bus, it’s enough to make me cuss.’ And curiously, whenever he rhymed, his speech impediments disappeared.” Jeff Maysh in The Atlantic: How a Stroke Turned a 63-Year-Old Into a Rap Legend. (Maybe medicine can help explain my headlines. For this one, I also considered MD Hammer, Snoop Doc, Brain Steminem, Busta Vessel Rhymes, Chuck MD, Hay Z, Sir Mix-a-Clot, Drool Moe Dee… I better stop. After all, the rap name Big Pun is already taken.)