What to Watch: I recently started rewatching the excellent series Friday Night Lights with my 12 year-old son. He loves it. I’m loving it again. It’s a great show and a timely reminder that people from red states and blue states still have at least one thing in common: We all think Tim Riggins is a total hunk. FNL rightly made the NYT list of the 20 best dramas since The Sopranos. (Also nice to see The Shield get some love on the list.)

+ What to Stream: Nappy Roots is “an American alternative Southern rap quartet from Louisville, Kentucky.” I saw them perform at a bar in the Bay Area last night (I never stop working for you), and they were awesome. Start with Good Day.

+ What to Click: If you’ve ever tried to separate a person from an image background, you know if can be tedious. A new site called Remove BG will do the trick in a few seconds. As an example, it recently occurred to me that we could compromise and give Trump a Mime Wall at the border. So I needed to remove the existing background from a mime guy photo and paste him into a scene at the border, and boom. (This is part tech tool advice and part cry for help…)