“The 2-year-old tabby cat went missing from his home in Michigan just before Halloween. Almost two months later, Bandit was found wandering the streets of Tampa, more than 1,100 miles away.” No one knows how the cat got to Florida (or why), but he recently caught a flight home. (I’m reading this as a feel good story although it could also be read as one more piece of evidence that your cat holds you in such contempt he’d be willing to move to Florida to get away…)

+ RBG will miss one more week of oral arguments but her tests show “no evidence of remaining disease.”‘

+ NYT: Dementia May Never Improve, but Many Patients Still Can Learn. And Artificial Intelligence Can Detect Alzheimer’s Disease in Brain Scans Six Years Before a Diagnosis.

+ A formerly homeless person has been crowned London’s top bus driver – because he never stops smiling.

+ Fortnite creator is buying thousands of acres of forest to stop it from being cut down. (That’s cool. Now if he can just convince our kids to stop playing long enough to go outside and see a few trees…)