“Gerald Griggs — a lawyer representing Jonjelyn and Tim Savage, who told police their adult daughter Joycelyn is being held captive by Kelly — confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the district attorney’s office had reached out to him.” Buzzfeed: R. Kelly Is Being Investigated In Georgia And Illinois After The Lifetime Documentary About Him.

+ The Guardian: Fresh abuse investigations launched after R Kelly documentary. “We have an advantage in that we’re not the prosecutor and we are not the defense … That is really important – you need to be calm with factors going either way.” And from the BBC: How true-crime podcasts find clues the police miss. (This seems like a great trend, as long as the podcasters are accurate and the subject of the podcast is guilty. Otherwise, it seems like a less great trend.)

+ “While he was an inmate at San Quentin State Prison, Earlonne Woods helped create a podcast that dealt with everyday life behind bars.” And that podcast helped Woods win his freedom. (That thing where a guy who has been in prison since before podcasts were invented has more podcast subscribers than you do…)