There’s a crisis building at the border. It’s just not the crisis you’ve been hearing about. For example, it’s not that terrorists have been aprehended there. Fox News’ Chris Wallace realtime fact-checked Sarah Huckabee Sanders on that over the weekend. “Do you know where those 4000 people come from, where they’re captured? Airports.” (It would require a pretty tall wall to address that threat.) And while drugs entering the US present a constant challenge, we’ve learned during the El Chapo trial that most of that traffic would be unimpeded by a wall as it enters “in cars, trains, planes and submarines — even in a truck beneath a load of frozen meat.” As a current administration official explains, today’s border crisis has less to do with people trying to sneak across the border and more to do with a growing refugee challenge with which our current system is ill-equipped to deal: “These families are not trying to evade anyone. They’re presenting themselves to the first Border Patrol agents they can find. This is not a border-security crisis. It’s an administrative-processing problem.” The New Yorker’s Jonathan Blitzer on The Real Crisis at the Border.

+ “Comparing apprehensions and budget is a rough measurement, one that doesn’t account for the greater numbers of families and unaccompanied children fleeing instability in Central America. But it does seem to suggest that the Border Patrol has never had less work to do or more resources to do it with.” Bloomberg: Two Towns Forged an Unlikely Bond. Now, ICE Is Severing the Connection.

+ “Come on down to the Rio Grande valley. I’ll show you around.” Mattathias Schwartz in NY Mag: Would patrolling with the Border Patrol change your mind about the border?