“The words ‘2018,’ ‘good’ and ‘tech’ probably don’t seem like they belong in the same paragraph, let alone the same sentence. But stay with me here.” NYT: The 2018 Good Tech Awards.

+ Illustrator Mauro Gatti illustrated 59 good things that happened in 2018.

+ WaPo: This man donated 200,000 miles to strangers so they can go home for the holidays.

+ Dutch church holds six-weeklong marathon Mass to shield family from deportation.

+ Later School Start Time Pays Off For Teens.

+ Delivery workers across the US are finding free food and drinks on shoppers’ doorsteps.

+ 200 workers at a floral-supply business in Michigan got a surprise at the company’s holiday lunch: $4 million in year-end bonuses, or about $20,000 per worker.

+ They make excellent bowling partners, despite their 96 year age difference.

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