It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane

“Teens caused mayhem by ignoring traffic laws while double-riding. Pedestrians tripped over discarded scooters that clogged the walkways. There were accidents, serious head injuries–Birds zip along at 15 miles an hour, and few trying them out wore helmets–and hundreds of tickets issued to riders. There was a protest. There was a counterprotest. Six months after the scooters appeared, Bird agreed to pay $300,000 to settle a nine-count misdemeanor criminal complaint levied by the city attorney’s office. In other words, everything went more or less according to plan.” Inc: 14 Months, 120 Cities, $2 Billion: There’s Never Been a Company Like Bird. Is the World Ready.

+ Bloomberg: Flying Cars May Become a $3 Trillion Market in 20 Years.

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