Eighty-four people died in California’s recent Camp fire; a number so astounding that the event dominated headlines for more than a week. Now imagine something that kills more than that many Americans each and every day. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it. “The year’s 39,773 gunshot deaths equated to nearly 109 deaths each day.” America has a big problem. And it’s getting worse. US Gun Violence Claimed More Lives In 2017 Than Ever. (Sixty percent of those deaths were by suicide.)

+ The Guardian: 2018 is worst year on record for gun violence in schools.

+ It’s not just the deaths. It’s also the hidden toll of gun violence: shooting victims face lifelong disabilities and financial burdens. Philadelphia Inquirer: Shot and Forgotten.

+ “Taurus sold almost a million handguns that can potentially fire without anyone pulling the trigger. The government won’t fix the problem. The NRA is silent.” Bloomberg: How Defective Guns Became the Only Product That Can’t Be Recalled.