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“This is what happens when a Christmas movie plot unfolds in North Idaho: It’s a story that involves armed “patriots,” secret recordings, Fox News, claims of anti-Christian bigotry, reports of vandalism, a lawsuit, a countersuit, depositions and even — a la Miracle on 34th Street — Santa Claus on the witness stand.” How one man’s quest to spread Christmas cheer led to a miserable four-year war with his neighborhood.

+ Quartz: Researchers Found One Way That Long-Term Marriages Get Happier: “The first few years of a marriage are rife with conflicts, but the emotional weather eventually changes, according to a new study by psychology researchers at UC Berkeley. In time, humor—friendly teasing, jokes, and silliness—becomes more prevalent, and bickering and criticisms decline.” (In other words, it’s a barrel of laughs if you can just eek your way through the first 35 years or so…)

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