Weekend Whats

What to Read: Tara Westover, who has a PhD from Cambridge, is one of the best memoir writers you’ll ever come across. She was also 17 before she ever set foot in a classroom. Educated, a Memoir is on just about every 2018 best books list. And it’s with good reason.

+ What to Watch: Homecoming on Amazon (starring Julia Roberts and Bobby Cannavale) is a fast-paced, intriguing mystery about the secrets of a facility helping soldiers transition to civilian life. In an unusual move for a drama, each episode is only about a half hour. It works.

+ What to Queue: The year end lists are spilling out all over the place. Here’s a look at The New Yorker’s Best Podcasts of 2018, Vox’s list of the 11 best documentaries of 2018, and the NYT’s look at the 28 Best Albums of the year. Meanwhile, David Erlich shares his video countdown of the 25 best films of the year, and Jason Kottke has collected and summarized a whole bunch of lists of the best books (none of which I’ll be able to read because I’ll be too busy listening to music and watching movies).

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