“The fact that Mueller is planning a public filing about Manafort suggests he may no longer feel the need to withhold information about his case in order to bring additional indictments against others. That would be consistent with messages his prosecutors have given defense lawyers in recent weeks indicating that they are in the endgame of their investigation.” Michael Isikoff: Mueller preparing endgame for Russia investigation.

+ One of the things that could make it hard to wrap up the investigation is that Trump keeps adding to the list of offenses. The latest norm-infraction: Witness-tampering via Twitter.

+ As we enter a busy period in the Mueller investigation, Lawfare’s Mikhaila Fogel and Benjamin Wittes provide some excellent analysis: “There is no sudden bend in the path of the investigation. There is no house of cards. The dominoes will not fall if gently tipped. The administration is not going to come crashing down in response to any single day’s events. The architecture of Trump’s power is more robust than that. We need to stop thinking of it as a fragile structure waiting for the right poke to fall in on itself. Think instead of the myriad investigations and legal proceedings surrounding the president as a multi-front siege on a walled city that is, in fact, relatively well fortified.”