You probably want to sit down for this. Or squat. Or maybe not. If you find a better position, then definitely share it on social media. Everyone else is doing it. Aside from death and taxes (and Trump news), it’s the topic we most share in common. And talking about it is all the rage these days. So while every other publication is leading with stories about Individual One, let’s take a moment and talk about Number Two. From The Guardian: Bowel movement: the push to change the way you poo. “It’s the banal Squatty Potty that’s doing the most to change not just how people discuss poop, but how they actually do it. ‘It’s piercing that final veil around bodily use and bodily functions,’ Barbara Penner, professor of architectural humanities at UCL’s Bartlett School of Architecture, and one of the preeminent scholars of the modern bathroom, told me. Perhaps it’s because this small, unlovely stool embodies a grand ambition: to upend two centuries of western orthodoxy about going to the loo.” (Full disclosure: I’m a middle-aged Jewish male. Nothing about this discussion is piercing any veils for me. When my dad first sat me down to have the father-son talk, it was about Metamucil.)