Plea Soup

“Donald Trump and his aides continued negotiations about a potential Trump Tower project in Moscow well into the 2016 presidential campaign, his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen acknowledged in a guilty plea in a New York federal court on Thursday.” Another day, another outed lie in the Mueller investigation. NPR: Michael Cohen Admits Trump Tower-Moscow Talks Continued Well Into 2016 Campaign. (To catch you up on the investigation so far:
Everything it seems like someone might have done, they definitely did…)

+ “The plea deal indicates that the last known discussion about the deal was ‘on or about June 14,’ 2016 … Why is that date significant? It happens to be the day The Washington Post broke a big story that Russia had hacked the Democratic National Committee.” WaPo: 4 key takeaways from Michael Cohen’s new plea deal.

+ Trump just canceled his scheduled meeting with Putin at the G20 summit.

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